RS Partition Recovery

RS Partition Recovery 2.5

A life line for lost files

While it may sound innocuous, there are few worse things that can happen to your computer than a failed hard disk or partition. View full description


  • Recovers your lost data
  • Straightforward to use
  • Clearly marks recovered files Cons


  • It is quite pricey
  • Not a replacement to regular backups
  • Total novices may still struggle

Very good

While it may sound innocuous, there are few worse things that can happen to your computer than a failed hard disk or partition.

For me a hard drive failure means the loss of vital data and treasured photos because - even with my rigorous back-up regime – something will always be lost. So, while I hope to never have to use it, I am happy RS Partition Recovery exists.

Recovery and rescue

Designed for the sole purpose of recovering lost data when a partition or hard drive fails, RS Partition Recovery is not fancy. That said sometimes you don't want fancy: there is no point painting a hammer, you don’t care what it looks like as long as it works as intended.

RS Partition Recovery opens like any other window in Explorer. From here you select the desired drive to scan, or run the Wizard to help you through the process. Once complete, you can see all the files that have been recovered and decide if you want to purchase the full program to rescue them. Recovered files can then be saved to a hard disk, CD, DVD, ISO virtual image, or upload them to an FTP, to avoid the risk of overwriting any existing files on your comptuer.

A functional tool

Considering the panic that could ensue if your hard drive fails, RS Partition Recovery is reassuringly simple to use. Select a drive to scan, and it will automatically search it for every file hidden within. It’s a slow but painless process that should restored the majority of your data (at least that is what our testing suggests).

Once complete, you can search all of the recovered files. Any that have failed to be fully recovered are conveniently marked with a red cross, while the saved ones can be accessed and previewed like any standard file. A filter and search system are also on hand to help you quickly find the desired files.

If you NEED it…

Within our testing RS Partition Recovery did a great job checking over a broken USB stick and hard drive, successfully recovering everything of importance that had been lost (though we couldn’t guarantee this in every case). To actually save your files you will of course have to purchase the full program which may prove a little costly but, given that the alternative is losing everything, it’s a price we would be prepared to pay.

RS Partition Recovery is a tool you hope that you will never need. If the worst does happen though, knowing this is an available option is a real comfort.

Recover deleted files and folders, repair corrupted partitions

RS Partition Recovery can recover information from damaged, formatted and repartitioned hard disks, SSD drives and memory cards. Sophisticated data recovery algorithms allow recovering more information from badly damaged volumes than competition, while the fully guided convenient user interface makes the tool easy to use even for complete novices. RS Partition Recovery is your best chance to get everything back from a broken volume in no time! Recovers data from formatted and deleted FAT and NTFS partitions; Recovers damaged volumes and corrupted partitions; Recovers deleted files and folders; Recovers information from hard drives, SSD drives, flash memory cards and all other types of storage media; The Deep Scan mode recovers data from badly damaged partitions; Repairs corrupted volumes and rebuilds badly damaged system structures from the scratch; RS Partition Recovery are extremely easy to use - even a child can recover necessary data.
RS Partition Recovery


RS Partition Recovery 2.5

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